Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Research

Precision agriculture: Geostatistical analysis on fertility management of irrigated cotton. The results were published in Soil Sci. Soc. J. and helped form a foundation for precision agriculture. 

Water conservation and harvesting: Review of practices in the Sahel of west Africa with research results from Niger published in J. of Arid Environments 

Ethnopedology: As Director of Soil Survey for USAID’s Master Plan of the Upper Senegal River Basin project from 1989 to 1990, I managed four teams of soil scientists that used indigenous knowledge to improve soil mapping and planning. Results are published in Geodema

Soil Survey Mapping: Contribution to two soil surveys in Tennessee published by NRCS, USDA.

Current Research: Develop scalable and rapid methods that use indigenous knowledge in information-poor, low-income countries that will help identify natural resource management units and monitor changes caused by climate smart land management. These methods will have low transaction costs for financial instruments that promote targeted practices.